First Destination

Old San Juan - Cataño

Old San Juan
La Casita de Rones

The place to start your Journey -“La Casita de Rones” is the flagship store for Rums of Puerto Rico. Casita de Rones is a unique rum bar that carries all the rums of Puerto Rico collection, souvenirs, clothing and bartender’s amateur equipment. This Rum Restaurant has a creative cocktail menu, local food and rum tastings certified by Rums of Puerto Rico.

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Flight 101

101 rum tasting is a great start for you to learn about our rums of Puerto Rico. No need for a brand ambassador. Once purchases you will receive 4 siping samples where any or our team member can give you a personal appreciation about the selected. rum ...

Local Mixo Cocktail Class

You will learn how local bartenders create their famous 1950 “Hand Shaked” Piña Colada, Coquito, and Chichaíto -three iconic Puerto Rican cocktails. Get ready to learn bartending "a lo Tropical“. Let the bartender know if you would like to customize the experience to learn about our other signature cocktails prior to the reservation. ....

Premium Rum Tasting

The Premium Rum Tasting is an exploration of what Puerto Rico has to offer. You will taste select editions of the four best-known distilleries in Puerto Rico -Serrallés, Bacardi, Barrilito and Trigo. Small groups accompanied by one of our rum ambassadors. included a Drinks and Certificate of participation ....

Luxury Drop Limited Edition Rum Tasting

Tour Description: The Experience consists of tastings of
the most limited edition rums from the principal
distilleries in Puerto Rico (Bacardi, Serralles, Barrilito).

Total Hours: 1 hour

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Our Team will guide you so you can start an awesome Rum Journey Walk around our historical place build more than 500 years ago. From here, you can enjoy a 10-minute ride on the Ferry to Casa Bacardi in Cataño. The Ferry is located at Pier 1; right next to the Casita de Rones and as you sail the Bay, you will enjoy dazzling views of Old San Juan.

Casa Bacardí

Since1958 Cataño has seen, the best rum in the world grow, Rum Bacardí. Baptized the “Cathedral of the Rum” the facility is the largest premium distillery in the world. Established in 1961, Casa Bacardí Visitor Centers up to this day has welcome more than 3 million visits. Considered the number one rum in the world, rum Bacardí has received more than 500 awards. You can enjoy a rum tasting experience here by a 10-minute ride on the ferry or a 20-minute card ride from San Juan.

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Learn how to taste rum the right way and become a rum maestro! In this guided tour, you will have the opportunity to taste BACARDÍ’s premium rums, accompanied by a chocolate pairing. You will also learn about the World’s Most Awarded Rum history...


In this fun and interactive class, you will learn how to create the perfect Mojito and Shaken Piña Colada while learning about the history of these cocktails as well as some cool bar tricks and skills. You’ll start with a welcome cocktail at the Pavilion, visit the Family Museum and discover our history and the craft of making the world’s most awarded rum. Then, a BACARDÍ specialist will lead you through mixing two classic rum cocktails. ...

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Other experience near Cataño:· Outdoorsy: El Puente Rosa (The Pink Bridge) - Located at the shore and inspired by the Ponts des Arts (Passarelle des Arts) in Paris, France on the Seine River.

Second Destination

Bayamón - Vega Alta

Hacienda Santa Ana
Ron del Barrilito

Founded in 1772, Bayamón: La Ciudad del Chicharrón (fried pig skin city) is home to the oldest Puerto Rican distillery, Hacienda Santa Ana, where Ron del Barrillito is produced since 1880. Visit Hacienda Santa Ana to learn about the history and unique craftmanship of Ron del Barrilito while you enjoy the mixology class and rum tasting tour.

You can get to Hacienda Santa Ana on a 20-minute car ride from La Casita de Rones or a15-minute car ride from Casa Bacardí.

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When we age rum, some of it naturally evaporates from the barrel. This is called the "angel’s share". What the angels didn`t get can be yours when you book the best and most exclusive rum tasting experience in the Caribbean. A unique opportunity to sip and enjoy all of our rums, from the cult-classic Three Stars to the extremely limited-edition Five Stars...


Become the Star of the Bar. Improve your bartending game with interactive classes taught by superstar mixologists who will show you how to make show-stopping cocktails.
Includes Heritage tour and a complimentary cocktail at the bar...


From Bayamón, Puerto Rico to the world! Learn about the history and unique craftsmanship of Ron del Barrilito, the oldest Puerto Rican rum, still made in the same place and in the same way since 1880...

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Other experience near Vega Alta and Vega Baja:

Vega Alta
San Juan Artisan Distillers
Ron Pepón

San Juan Artisan Distillers is the first distillery in Puerto Rico considered to produce artisan agricultural rum; Ron Pepón is produced with sugar cane juice and not from molasses. They also produce artisan Ron Caña, TRESCLAVOS a rum infusion from which you can choose from six delicious flavors: Ginger Spice, Piña, Passion Parcha, Rumba Mango, Coco Loco and Bili Quenepa. Or do you really have to choose?

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Rum Distillery Tour

During your visit, we will welcome you with one of a TRESCLAVOS Signature Cocktail, at our Casita de Pepon where We will take you through Puerto Rico’s Sugarcane and Rum History and how we intertwine Tradition with our Contemporary Distillery’s Story.

You will walk into our Aging Bodega, visit our Estate Sugarcane Field, And see firsthand the Only operating Sugarcane Mill on the Island.
A complete Tour of our Artisanal Distillery and finally, returning to la Casita de Pepon for a ....

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Third Destination


Crab Island Rum

Crab Island Rum is the first handcrafted rum distillery on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. Ivan Ortiz’s passion is making artisan rum, a passion that you can taste on their handcrafted signature rum or their infusion ones: coffee and orange.

You can get to Crab Island Rum Distillery on a 10-min flight from Isla Grande Airport in San Juan. Once you visit Vieques, you might not what to come back, this island is full of life and amazing rum.

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Walk thrue History

As the world`s rum capital, Puerto Rico is home to eight-string distilleries, including the new kid on the block, Crab Island Rum Distillery.

Discovered by Columbus in 1493, Vieques, like other Caribbean Islands, fell under several countries` control and influence. The English named it Crab Island, the Spanish, Vieques & maps from the era bear both names.
The name Crab Island Rum Distillery was born.


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Forth Destination

Ponce - Mayagüez

Don Q Rum @ Museo Castillo Serrallés | Coming soon!

Visit the iconic Serrallés Family home, now turned museum,in the heart of the city of Ponce, also known as the Pearl of the South. The Serrallésfamily has been crafting the island’s number one rum for over 156 years in whatis Puerto Rico’s oldest operating distillery, DestileríaSerrallés, making Don Q Rum the true, authentic and preferred rum on theisland.

The Museo Castillo Serrallés sits on a hilltop overlookingthe city of Ponce, completed in the early 1930’s, was the family’s home forover 50 years. It was designed in true Spanish style architecture, thus earningit its name, Castillo (Castle) Serrallés. The Spanish influence reachedall the way to the family’s rum making, naming their iconic rum brand, Don Q,after the renowned Spanish masterpiece, Don Quixote de la Mancha.

On your visit you will learn about the family’s and rum’shistory, heritage and craft, as well as experience and savor the award winningaged and flavored rums.

Get ready for a truly authentic Puerto Rican rum experience, 156 years in themaking! Stay tuned for updates.

Ponce is Puerto Rico's second largest city (Ponce is commonly known by several names: La Perla del Sur (Pearl of the South), La Ciudad de los Leones (City of Lions) or La Ciudad de las Quenepas (Genip City). Make sure you visit emblematic and historical places on the old colonial center.

Serralles Museum
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Serralles MuseumSerralles MuseumSerralles Museum

Coquí Rum Distillery

Coquí Rum Distillery is among the new rums brands growing and expanding. It is located in Mayagüez, also known as "La Sultana del Oeste" (The Sultana of the West). At Coquí Plaza Touristic Center you can tour the aging and production rooms, see the rum stills, enjoy a rum tasting and buy the Coquí Rum.

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Coqui Rum factory

Artisan distillery based in the Municipality of Mayaguez. It has a tourist center where the visitor is shown the process of making rum and `Pitorro`. When you visit the center, you will be shown the stills and annexation rooms. In the same way, the product is for sale for those who dedicate themselves to acquire it. 100% Puerto Rican product. ....

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Fifth Destination

Jayuya - Cidra

La Destilería Craft Spirits

La Destilería Craft Spirits are the manufacturers of Ron Artesano, 106 Overproof Rum & OLA Flavored rums. A passion for distilled spirits and the desire to bring commerce back home to the Rainforest Mountains of Puerto Rico, ultimately tipped the scales in favor of taking on the hurdles and developing Puerto Rico’s first Craft Distilling concept.

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Club Caribe Rum

Club Caribe Distillery is located in the mountains of Puerto Rico in Cidra.

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