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Puerto Rico Is responsible for over 70% of the rum sold in the U.S., combined with the 80 different types of rum made on the island, making us not only the chief export but also the rum destination preferred by rum enthusiasts. Rum is the Caribbean’s most popular and versatile spirit, so if you want to appreciate rum’s true craftsmanship, the best option is to visit one of our distilleries and immerse yourself in the rich history of this versatile spirit that stems from the 15th century to this day. 

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“Las visitas a las destilerías de ron en suelo boricua ahora están al alcance de la mano de los turistas y locales a través de la aplicación móvil “Puerto Rico Rum Journey”, que permite a los usuarios reservar experiencias y hasta adentrarse en una comunidad de amantes de este licor.”

El Nuevo Dia

“Puerto Rico Rum Journey, a tool to generate traffic and facilitate visiting different rum distilleries located throughout the Island, was unveiled recently to allow users to interact with seven distilleries, create a route of visits, and make reservations for excursions, tastings, seminars, and mixology classes, among other experiences.”

New Sismy Business

“Lanzan la ruta del ron con Puerto Rico Rum Journey.

Una nueva aplicación digital y página web que permite a los usuarios interaccionar con siete destilerías, para crear un itinerario o ruta de visitas, hacer reservaciones para eventos como excursiones, catados, seminarios, y clases de mixología, entre otras experiencias.”