About The Rum Journey Platform

Puerto Rico Rum Journey provides travelers a seamless way to book tours, experiences, events, and merchandise. Our mantra is to spread the love of our island’s rum history and ways that you can enjoy rum.

We offer registration to a wide variety of experiences either thru or website, web-app, or a standalone app. Points and prizes are also rewards to those that accomplish each journey. Our platform should also be a communication channel between the distillery and visitors. Attendees can ask questions, leave reviews, or ask for recommendations of which rum to drink or mix with a cocktail.

Founder's Vision

For the past year, Joel Vázquez & Federico Hernández were exploring the possibility of creating a unique experience in Puerto Rico. Lemuel Lind (programmer and co-partner) helps orchestrate and pencil down the ideas of a rum journey to run digitally.

“It’s not difficult but it is challenging to create a new experience in Puerto Rico when you have such an amazing island, people that are giving their heart and soul to service visitors and locals, fun destinations experiences, and amazing gastronomy. The space to improve is there but you have to dig deep to achieve it. We all have overcome big challenges in life, but when you work around beautiful minds and characters that are always positive no matter what; you wake up in the morning asking yourself what is new for my island and how can I contribute to it. Let’s see how we can reach deeper and make Puerto Rico a #1 destination for the globe. - Joel Vázquez (Co-Founder)