Virtual Badges
and RUM Points

Welcome to the customer’s manual for using our Rum Journey
virtual badges and rum points gained after visiting rum tours!

Virtual badges and rum points are a great way to show off your love of rum and the tours you have visited and to reward yourself with exclusive discounts and special offers in our shop.

Here are some tips for using your virtual badges and rum points:

Download our app and create an account. Then, you will need to register your profile to gain your virtual badges and points after visiting the participating distilleries.

In the app, you can view your virtual badges and rum points in your Rum Expert Profile. Here, you can see all the badges you have earned and your current points balance. To view the badges you can unlock, access your virtual passport from your expert profile. In the passport, you can select a rum destination and view a list of achievements that will earn you even more points, as well as all the badges available to unlock in that destination.

Use your rum points to redeem rewards in our shop. For example, you can use your rum points to get discounts on rum-related merchandise at our Puerto Rico Rum Journey Shop.

Keep track of your rum points balance. You can earn rum points by visiting rum tours. Each time you book a specific tour and participate in the experience, you will unlock the specific badge for that experience, which will grant you rum points that you can later redeem for merchandise. Be sure to check your balance regularly to take advantage of all rewards.

Share your virtual badges with others. You can show off your collection to friends and family or compare progress with other rum enthusiasts you meet on your travels.

If you want to gain additional rum points, ask for the physical passport at any one of the participating distilleries and record each stamp provided at the location into your app profile.

- Collectable Rum Journey Box
- Rum Journey Map
- Rum Journey Passport
- Rum Journey Shirt
- Other

We hope you enjoy using your virtual badges and rum points, and we look forward to rewarding you with exclusive offers and experiences. So be sure to check regularly for upcoming events, promotions, and exclusive deals just for you. Cheers!