Serrallés Distillery will produce alcohol to help health institutions against coronavirus

March 15, 2020

Distillery Serrallés, Inc., announced that, in response to the emergency situation that Puerto Rico is experiencing due to the arrival of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 in recent days, the company has begun to the production of ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 70% with the objective of contributing to the work of hospital institutions and health clinics throughout Puerto Rico. This type of alcohol, which is not suitable for human consumption, is indicated by world health organizations for use in sanitary and disinfection protocols inpatients and clinical settings to avoid sources of viral spread.

“Given the critical health emergency that our town is experiencing, we have refocused our manufacturing operations to produce ethyl alcohol and donate it to the hospital and public health sector. One of the recommended products to help prevent COVID-19 is the use of this product as a sanitary and disinfectant agent. With the wide need that has arisen in Puerto Rico, we want to contribute to our people, the hospital institutions and the health professionals who are attending to this pressing situation, ”said Philippe Brechot, president and CEO of Destilería Serrallés. "We will be making the product available free of charge to eligible entities to help mitigate the current shortage of ethyl alcohol," added the executive.

For this purpose, the company is in contact with unions of the island's health and hospital sector to share information with eligible entities, as well as details on processes and controls required in coordinating the collection at its central facilities located in Mercedita, Ponce.

“The emergency that we are experiencing in the face of the spread of the Coronavirus is critical and very fluid since it is constantly changing. We must all contribute to stopping the spread of this virus by exercising prudence, discipline in our hygiene and the social isolation requested by the authorities. We urge our citizens to follow the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Federal Center for Disease Control (CDC)and the Department of Health of Puerto Rico, to together stop the advance of this pandemic in Puerto Rico , which has claimed the lives of thousands of people around the world ”, concluded Brechot.

By: NotiCel

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