Celebrate fall with our vast selection of rums and seasonal cocktails.

Nov 30, 2022

Celebrate fall with our vast selection of rums and seasonal cocktails

“Red, yellow, orange, and brown
All the leaves are falling down
Days are nippy, nights are clear
Summer is over. Autumn is here.”

Sip on everything from fruity sangrias, and light cocktails, to dark rum swizzles and delicious daiquiris. Just as fall presents us with a complete catalog of hues and seasonal flavors, the rum explorer in you will love to explore the different shades and flavors of Caribbean rums in this collection of autumn cocktails.

1.      Fall sangria w/ rum

Fall is the perfect time for cozy drinks like apple cider sangria. This delicious combination of cinnamon and fruits is ideal for an evening with nothing but your favorite fall wear while sipping away!

White Rum


2.      Nevada

A white grapefruit punch made with rum, lime juice, and some sparkling wine. The delicious flavors of this cocktail are pleasing to your taste buds! Sip away on this low-Cal rum cocktail.

Light Rum


3.      Knickerbocker

A Knickerbocker’s is also best drunk during fall because fits refreshing and thirst-quenching properties. Match the golden hues of fall with an equally golden rum.

Gold Rum


4.      Strawberry Daiquiri

This strawberry-flavored cocktail is perfect for your next friends or family gathering. With its sweet flavors and pleasing color, it sure will find eager lips to sip it.

Light rum


5.      Rum Swizzle

Rum Swizzle tastes delicious and can be made using any fruit juice you like. Still, it’s best when made with pineapple and orange juice because they bring out all their flavor together to form a sensational cocktail!

Dark rum



6.      Stone Fence

Another excellent drink for fall is a Stone Fence. Thisrefreshing brew with flavors that are sweet, tangy, and with hints of spice! It's also great as an iced tea on the rocks in tall glasses.

Rum-Your choice


7.      Feisty Meister

The Feisty Meister is a delicious rum cocktail to enjoy during the fall.  It combines different flavors: spice with tangy notes; sweet fruity tastes that make you feel like your taste buds are on vacation while the crisp air, turning leaves, and changing seasons all call for a cold drink.

151 Rum


8.      Pumpkin Daiquiri

Nothing is as delicious and fun as a Pumpkin Daiquiri. This rum cocktail will warm your insides while being so tasty and flavorful. BecauseFall is the best time of the year, nothing beats this delicious, cozy drink to help you celebrate this season.

Rum-Your choice


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