How to properly taste rum For the Rum Lover in You

Nov 30, 2022

Each rum looks and tastes differently, whether you’re a rum connoisseur or simply like cocktails, it’s fun to pick out the different flavors.

A little goes a long way

The goal of a tasting is to experience new flavor profiles, which is best done with a clear head, with that in mind is wise to moderate alcohol consumption. A quarter ounce is more than enough to get a good sense of the rum.

Serve in a glass

Glass gives the tasting experience a more elevated feel. It also makes it easier to truly taste the rum—even 80-proof spirits act as a solvent on plastic.

Stay away from chilled spirits

If you're offered a spirit that is highly chilled, this is usually an attempt to cover up impurities and flavor characteristics that are not favorable. Tasting at room temperature will allow for an accurate impression since only high-quality spirits remain delicious at room temperature.

Start with the younger rum

Starting with the youngest rum and progressing toward the oldest will make it easier to taste the subtle differences between them. Older rums will have a more complex flavor profile as a result of aging longer in oak barrels.

Don’t forget the water

Water cleanses the palate between rums and helps you stay hydrated.

The second time around

Rums are generally 80 proof and sometimes higher proof. As a result, the first sip lets the taste buds acclimate, and the second allows for a true tasting of all the flavors.

Whether you are planning to attend a rum tasting or considering hosting your own, we invite you to visit: and attend one of many professionally held rum tastings by our distilleries.

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