The Caribbean heart beats to the sound of Rum

Nov 30, 2022

The Caribbean heart beats to the sound of Rum


We are one small island with a great heart, which shows in everything we do. We are the cradle of great artists that have touched every corner of the globe leaving behind a taste of our Caribbean passion and artistry. And once more, a son of our island goes beyond the seas to impact the world with our Caribbean flavor, but this time in the form of well-made cocktails.

Entertainment mogul Netflix hosts the mixologist competition called Drink Master, which airs on that platform and showcases bartenders worldwide competing for glory. The bartending competition series Drink Masters premiered and, during that week, rose into the ranks of the top ten television shows watched on the channel.

But this article wants to acknowledge the participation of Puerto Rican Bartender Alex Velez.

Alex, 42, comes to the competition from Las Vegas. He calls himself the Magic Johnson of mixology and has the competition wins to prove it. Now he’s going for the Ultimate Drink Master title to help his family back in Puerto Rico. He represents our rum heritage and has been ranked as one of the best twelve in the world and the first to participate in a series of such worldwide reach, broadcasted to 36 different countries.

As twelve of the most influential and innovative bartenders shake, stir and serve their delectable concoctions in a series of challenges of high-risk cocktail ensembles, we root for this son of the Caribbean on his way to a $100 000.00 prize and the title of The Ultimate Drink Master.

Alex Velez, thanks for representing our island and the rum heritage that we, as Puerto Ricans, are so proud of, Godspeed on your endeavor as we raise a glass to your success.

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